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Building 86 Locker Fundraiser

One of the highlights of Building 86 will be the boy's and girl's locker rooms.  We will be building custom lockers for our athletes.  Lockers have been designed by Point Soccer alumni Just Weaver.  Each locker room will house 20-26 lockers.  The lockers will consist of a top shelf, hanging rod, hanging hooks, locked bench area to keep valuables safe, and a seat for each athlete.  The lockers will be 2 feet wide and on wheels.  The lockers will be made of quality wood and stained black.

Each locker will have an engraved nameplate attached to it once constructed.  The sponsor of the locker can choose what is engraved on the nameplate.  Sponsors can place their name, graduation year, and former number on the nameplate.  Sponsors could also choose to have the nameplate engraved to honor a loved one.  The sponsor may choose a quote or anything they want future players to see and read.

Locker sponsorship is $300.  These lockers will be the staple feature of our locker rooms and will be there year after year for athletes to use.

Fundraiser is conducted and controlled by the Mason County Soccer League

In order to purchase a locker, click the Purchase a Locker button and complete PayPal payment.  Then return to this page and fill out the form to the right.  If you wish to pay with a check just fill out the form to the right and mail the check to:


Attn: Locker Fundraiser

2018 Marquette Ave

Point Pleasant, WV 25550

Custom Locker Purchase

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