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Frequently Asked Registration Questions

1. Do I have to register on-line, will there be in-person registration?  Yes.  We can provide paper registration upon request. 

2.  What are the age groups?  We determine our age groupings based on enrollment numbers.  Typically we have U6, U9, U12.  Children must turn 4 prior February 1 for spring season and August 1 for fall season.

3.  When will practices be held?  Coaches of each team will set the practice schedule.  The league does not dictate team practice schedules.  

4.  When will games be held?  We try to play games every Saturday once the season begins.  However depending on number of teams and coach's personal schedules sometimes games are played during the week.

5.  Are there games on Sundays?  The league will not schedule games on Sundays, however sometimes coaches will agree to play make-up games on Sunday afternoons.

6.  Registration system isn't working for me?  It is recommended that the registration program be used on a laptop or desktop and Chrome is the recommended browser.  However it can be successfully used on tablets and phones.  The program is not owned by the league, like any other computer program it will have glitches.  So please if you have registration issues, contact the league via FB, ask questions, be nice and understand that on some issues the league has to rely on another entity.

7.  When will the season begin and end?  Spring season runs mid-March through mid-May.  Fall season runs mid-August through mid-October.

8.  Can I request a specific coach?  You may request, but we DO NOT guarantee placement on that team.  For example one year we had 19 kids request one u8 coach, we cannot put that many kids on one team in that age group.  We understand sometimes there are special circumstances please just communicate those to the league and we will do our best to accommodate you.  

9.  If my child quits after I pay the registration fee can I get a refund?  No.

10.  What equipment is required?  Players must wear shin guards in practice and games.  It is highly recommended your child wear cleats.  They cannot be baseball or football cleats.  It is also highly recommended that your child have a ball.  The league will provide jersey tops.

11.  The registration system says there is not a program for my child?  First double check the birthdate you have entered for your child.  If you still get this message check to make sure you have completed all tasks requested up to this point in the program.  Failure to respond to an item may trigger this message.  If you have double-checked all of this, then please contact the league via FB and we will let the program company know about the error.

12.  I don't use FB how can I contact the league?  You may email league president Chip Wood at  You may also text or call Chip at 304-593-4973.  

13.  What is the cost?  The fee is $50 for WV residents and $55 for out of state.  The reason is we are a WV Soccer sanctioned program and when you register you are registering your child with WV Soccer, Ohio residents require an additional process at the state level.  

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