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Building 86 Project Description

The Building 86 Project is the construction of a building that the soccer program can call home.  The plan calls for the construction of a 4000 square foot building in the north end of OVB Track and Field.  The building will be made up of the following areas:

     1.  Boy's locker room - 550 sq. ft.

     2.  Girl's locker room - 550 sq. ft

     3.  Boy's coaching staff office - 210 sq. ft.

     4.  Girl's coaching staff office - 210 sq. ft.

     5.  Weight room - 1800 sq. ft.

     6.  Outside entry restrooms - 128 sq. ft. 

     7.  Proper foyer entrance - 100 sq. ft.

     8.  Garage storage area - 352 sq. ft.

     9.  Athletic training room - 100 sq. ft.

Building 86 will serve the following purposes:

     1.  First and foremost a home for the PPJSHS soccer program

     2.  Film watching areas for the program as each locker room will be outfitted with AV equipment

     3.  Locker room for girls track and field athletes

     4.  Weight room use for track, baseball, basketball and soccer athletes

     5.  Possible weight room facility for MS or HS fitness classes

     6.  Celebrate our rich history in the entrance foyer

     7.  Provide much needed storage for soccer team, which will also provide more storage for track and field

     8.  Restrooms for baseball games and for visiting side fans at other stadium events

     9.  Athletic training services area for pre- and post-game AT services

    10.  Place for coaches to meet with boosters and athletes

How it could be laid out!!

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