All-State Players

Michael Lovejoy

Dennis Brumfield

Chris Williams

Jeremy Blain

Rich Reymond

Scott Lovell

Stephen Henry

James Sanders

Carl Hogg

Chip Wood

Drew Drain

Cory Hill

Butch Oliver

Jon Casto

Travis Epling

Dustin Taylor


Ryan Bonecutter

Trenton Bailes

Hristian Lenkov

Peyton Hughes (2018 HM, 2019 1st Team, 2019 SW 2nd Team, 2019 WVHSSCA Defender of the Year)

Brady Reymond (2x Keeper of the Year AA/A, 3x All-State)

Adam Veroski (2018 SW 2nd Team, 2019 WVHSSCA 2nd Team, 2019 SW 2nd Team 2020 WVHSSCA                               1st Team, Region IV POY, SW 1st Team)

Alberto Castillo (SW) (Not sure how a kid scores 20+ goals and assists 20+ goals in a season and doesn't get on the coaches all-state team... but whatever)

Braxton Watkins-Lovejoy (2019 WVHSSCA 2nd Team, 2020 WVHSSCA 1st Team, SW 1st Team)

Jaden Reed (2020 SW Honorable Mention)

Luke Pinkerton (2020 SW Honorable Mention)

SW - Sportswriters All-State